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Guanajuato Tooling S.A. de C.V.



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Descripción detallada: Herramientas de automatización para interiores plásticos y metálicos, moldes de compresión, útiles de control, piezas especiales, cuna de corte de agua, nidos de nylamid resina aluminio madera (IET) etc y máquinas de ensamble Automation We offer automation solutions trough the use of technological innovation and process improvement. We design in the most recognized software… CMM Lab Our metrology laboratoy has qualified personnel and sufficient equipment to perform the checks we request.We also coordinate with CMM machines… Checking Fixtures The checking fixtures are designed to help our customers have a high quality control system. We design and manufacture all… Metalics For the manufacturing of several metal parts in the automotive industry, we had developed assembly fixtures, welding fixtures, punching machines.… Molds We manufacture a wide variety of molds to our customer needs designed accordInglés to the mathematical model of the part.We… Prototype Trough the use of our ABS rapid prototyping machine we model fixtures to test our designs ensuring the quality of… Robot integration We integrate robotic components in our machines to increase production levels, to perform dangerous task and/or provide the accuracy needed… Welding process Plastic welding technologies Vision systems We integrate vision systems in our designs making the checking of fixtures more accurate and allowing our clients to have a better quality control. Water Jet Nest In water jet, we design and manufacture nests for cutting systems which use vacuum or pneumatic clamping. Among the materials…


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  •  ISO 14001
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  •  BS OHSAS 18001
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  •  ISO/IEC 27001
  •  SSC/SCP
  •  ISO/AS 9100
  •  ISO 26000
  •  Acreditación CLAUGTO
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  •  QS-9000
  •  VDA 6
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